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Find the secret of My Secret Seasoning…

In 1988, Thomas English made a groundbreaking discovery that has lead us to the My Secret Seasoning products we have today. Thomas was in Tampa, Florida partnering up with a friend at their Seafood restaurant and needed help with getting his ribs up to par. So Thomas teamed up with his brother, who at the time was a chef on a ship, and together they came up with the Rib Seasoning. From there, Thomas and his mother spent months tasting and testing to get the Seafood Seasoning up and running, and the rest is history.

 I bet your next question is where the name My Secret Seasoning came from and in all actuality the name originated from Thomas’ wife, Stephanie. One night she invited some friends over for dinner and they found themselves so enthralled with the taste and flavor of the food and asked what she used on it. She simply replied, “My secret seasoning” and Thomas thought it was genius!

 My Secret Seasoning would be a great addition to any and all spice families, since all brands can be used on numerous items and add just the perfect amount of flavor to your dish. So buy your bottle of My Secret Seasoning today! It will be one of the best investments you have ever made!